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Backup Replication

INFINIDAT (InfiniBox) Replication

Neutrix Cloud provides service as a data replication destination from the InfiniBox from customer’s site. This enables dcustomers to implement replication to Neutrix Cloud storage (InfiniBox), without having to purchase physical hardware to implement replicatin for BCP/DR purposes.

  • Full data replication between InfiniBox
  • Initial transfer is copy of all data, next and subsequent transfers only different data
  • Takes snapshot at scheduled interval and transfer the block differences from previous snapshot
  • Multiple gernations of data can be stored to InfiniBox by taking snapshots
  • Asynchronous transmittion of RPO near zero with a minimum interval of 8 seconds


Neutrix Cloud replication is available in three service delivery models: “On-premise→Neutrix Cloud”, “Neutrix Cloud→On-premise”,  Neutrix Cloud→Neutrix Cloud (*available soon). Customers are able to connect to their own site via shared Internet network provided by Neutrix Cloud or a separate WAN network.


On-premise → Neutrix Cloud

Neutrix→On-premise enables replication of data in Neutrix Cloud to the InfiniBox at the customer’s site. In the event of a large-scale failure at customer’s site with InfiniBox, it can be used as the original data for data recovery after InfiniBox has recovered at customer’s site.

Neutrix Cloud → Neutrix CloudNeutrix Cloud → Neutrix Cloud

With Neutrix Cloud → Neutrix Cloud (*available soon), data in Neutrix Cloud can be replicated to Neutrix Cloud in another region. This can be used for data backup with cloud-connected storage or as secondary data backup destination for InfiniBox at the customer site.

INFINIDAT (InfiniBox) Snapshot

INFINIDAT’s next generation snapshot (InfiniSnap) for Neutrix Cloud storage (InfiniBox) allows multiple snapshots to be performed.
Data in the updated snapshot does not affect the performance or capacity of source volume, it redirects at write time. Backup (snapshot) and restores can be performed immediately.

  • Snapshot based on Redirect on Write with virtual and physical address mapping
  • Physical space consumption and performance degradation from snapshot is prevented
  • Innovative architecture using timestamped data writing
  • No performance degradation even with large number of snapshots created by BP-class data management

  • Unlike traditional Copy on Write and Redirect on Write, there is no need to lock data structure while taking snapshots

In addition to backup, snapshots can also be written, for example, providing quick verification and environment development for smooth secondary use of data.

  • Writeable snapshot (clones) does not consume physical space when created
Writable Snapshot (Clones)

Backup for Computing (Virtual Server)Backup for Computing (Virtual Server)

Neutrix Cloud for Compute (virtual server), provides backup and restore services for the virtual servers by computing.
Virtual Server Backup enables you to back up your compute virtual server using Veaam and Acronis backup solutions. Customers are able to choose different backup services from Neutrix Cloud without new subscription. Several services will support automated environments built-out from Neutrix Cloud portal to reduce implementation effort. More backup solutions will be added soon. Backup and restore functions are equal to backup solution.

Third-party storage backup and replication (available soon)Third-party storage backup and replication (available soon)

Neutrix Cloud provides backup and replication services for third-party storage on-premise. Third-Party Storage Backup and Replication enables customers to backup and replicate from third-party storage at customer site using virtual alliances such as NetApp and Dell Technologies. NetApp will offer NetApp Ontap Select, and Dell Technologies will deploy Dell EMC Unity VSA on its compute service to enable replication from on-premise physical appliance storage to Neutrix Cloud.
Several services will support automated environments built-out from Neutrix Cloud portal to reduce implementation effort. Pre-validated virtual appliances from third-party will be available soon for Neutrix Cloud.