Cloud Service


Provided with Managed Storage

All Neutrix Cloud storage serves are offered as managed storage.
Our cloud services are designed to be as easy to use, compatible with customer’s private cloud deployment and enables seamless integration. Cloud operations are possible through user portals and managed cloud, with 24/7 IT managed support provided free of charge. In addition to the benefits of taking advantage of INFINIDAT’s latest storage technology, you can maximize cost-effectiveness, available from lowest storage. Available immediately after storage type is selected.

Block Storage File Storage Archive Storage Object Storage
Access Unit Per Block Per File Per Block Per Object
Virtual Server Volume
Data Volume
MAX Volume Size 1PB+ 1PB+ 1PB+ 1PB+
Performance (IOPS) Over 16,000 (IOPS) Over 16,000 (IOPS) Up to 1,000 (IOPS)
IOPS / Throughput Payment no no no no
Request Fee no no no no
Snapshot Fee no no no no
Data Transfer Fee no no no no
Service Plan Monthly Fee Monthly Fee Monthly Fee Monthly Fee

  • Block Storage
  • Block Storage

    As an enterprise system, it is suitable for data storage in performance-intensive applications such as, transaction processing, data processing, ERP, and database system. Neutrix Cloud’s block storage runs on INDINIFA’s high-performance, low-latency storage foundation to maximize performance, and provides maximum volume size for managed storage. Block storage can be used as data infrastructure for computing (virtual server), or as cloud-connected storage that connects to a public cloud. Performance of block storage that allocates to virtual machines have significant impact with compute (IaaS) performance. With Neutrix Cloud’s high-performance and low-latency block storage, performance for computing is increased significantly.

  • File Storage
  • File Storage

    Enterprise applications require access between shared files and systems. Neutrix Cloud’s File Storage can be used for web application, content management system (CMS), big data analytics, media/entertainment data management, database backup, app development environments, shared file servers, large scale content, machine learning, and more. Neutrix Cloud File Storage provides managed storage that is scalable and leverages all the features of cloud to maximize capacity and performance. Storage capacity can expand as needed, there is no need to prepare extra storage for future needs. It can also be used as cloud-connected storage that connects to a public cloud.

  • Archive Storage
  • Archive Storage

    Neutrix Cloud’s Archive storage does not require object storage to store unlimited amounts of unstructured data, but it is an inexpensive way to archive data in existing systems such as, important stored data that are only used during emergencies while increasing the speed of data access for analysis and utilization. Archive storage is an inexpensive storage that allows analytical processing without having to copy data from an archive.

  • Object Storage
  • Object Storage

    Objective storage is suitable for storing large amounts of data with no limits on data size or number.  Neutrix Cloud offers Amazon S3 compatible object storage. Ideal storage for storing data volumes that keeps rising in cloud- native applications that requires scalability and availability. It can be used for high-resolution video such as 4K/8K, AI, IoT data analysis, backup and archiving.