Tsutomu Taguchi

President and CEO Tsutomu Taguchi

Tremendous amount of data continuously generated by society is inevitable and essential for all business growth.
We are entering an era in which the use of digital data will impact competitive advantages for companies in the future, and will become the driving force behind business growth.
In the midst of this trend, the construction and expansion of IT infrastructure to store and utilize vast amounts of data is shifting, forcing businesses to find a completely different path.
With explosive amounts of data constantly generated, we believe the existing level of cloud service is no longer sufficient to satisfy customers, while keeping costs down and secure storage.
Neutrix Cloud Japan was established for the purpose to provide customers with a new cloud services, enabling vast amount of data acquired to be stored and processed with the highest level of technology and security, while reducing cost.
Together with INFINIDAT, the world’s leading storage company, Neutrix Cloud Japan is looking forward to contribute to society and businesses, with the support of Optage, also having the same goals sand visions.

Moshe Yanai

INFINIDAT Founder and Chief Technology Evangelist Moshe Yanai

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen! I’m Moshe Yanai, founder of Infinidat.
I’d like to congratulate Mr. Taguchi, as CEO and Optage Corporation, as an investor and key business partner in forming this exciting new company – Neutrix Cloud Japan.
Neutrix Cloud Japan inherits all the latest technologies of Neutrix Cloud developed by Infinidat.
We are really looking forward to Neutrix Cloud Japan Inc and Infinidat, working together to help Japanese businesses.
This company will be led by Mr. Taguchi, CEO of Neutrix Cloud Japan Inc. to support Japanese companies, by enabling Japanese enterprise users to have direct access to Google Cloud Services, Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure.
I’m so happy to be invited as an executive advisory member together with 3 other members from Infinidat.
Finally, I assure you that Neutrix Cloud Japan will offer you the best performance at the most reasonable cost.
Thank you and see you soon in Japan.