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All computing for Neutrix Cloud is offered as managed compute nodes.

CPU, memory, and disk are provided as virtual servers in the resource pool. Computing is available in three different server types for each specific end-usage.

No longer will customers need to acquire specialized knowledge for computing (virtual server). With our 24×365 IT managed service (free of charge) constantly monitors all resource pool and virtual servers. Customers can use our services with confidence and ease.

  • Public Cloud IaaS (virtual server, resource pool)
  • Server Dedicated Cloud IaaS (server- dedicated, resource pool)
  • Private Cloud IaaS (proprietary server, network and storage, resource pool)

All services are provided in a resource pool format, and virtual machines be freely configured within the resource pool. Services for Public and Private servers are provided to customers with an exclusive physical server, allowing more secure and performance-guaranteed use.

Topic Public Cloud IaaS Server Dedicated Cloud IaaS Private Cloud IaaS
Overview virtual server, resource pool Dedicated server, resource pool Server network exclusive storage, resource pool
Standard Neutrix Cloud compute provided in resource pool, easy to start small Suitable for proprietary server (CPU, memory), for constant performance control Comprehensive private cloud with exclusive use of servers, (CPU and memory), network, and storage
User portal control pane shared shared shared
Compute shared private private
(CPU) Resource pool (per 1GHz) Per server unit + HA server required Per server unit + HA server required
(Memory) Resource pool (per 1GB)
Network shared shared private
Storage shared private private
Cost Fixed monthly cost Fixed monthly cost Fixed monthly cost

Resource pool model

Resource pool model

Customers can create as many virtual servers as they wish at any time within the allocated CPU, memory, and disk space. It does not matter how many virtual servers you set up, as long as they are within the limits of your resources and license, there is no additional cost.

Increase server integration rates and reduce IT costs. Resource pool can be expanded flexibly from smallest per unit (CPU: per 1GHz, Memory: per 1GB, storage: per 100GB). You can start small and expand gradually.

Server can be removed immediately when it is no longer needed, freeing up resources for another use. By making effective use of resources, you can provide the service you need, when you need them. Enabling platform that is flexible enough to keep up with changing business needs and trends. Capacity of resource pool is calculated from the total amount of virtual server required by the customer. Reduce the maximum cost of cloud computing by increasing server utilization and efficiently increase virtual server’s resource rate.

With public and private server models, customers are able to provide the exact physical server with necessary CPU and memory size.

Bringing Virtual Appliance

Virtual appliance prepared by customer is available for use. Operating resources in resource pool are secured (equivalent to the specifications for all pre-made appliances).