Innovative storage for the Cloud, developed by the Storage Gods

Infinidat was founded by a team of storage industry experts focused on returning business value to customers by eliminating the compromises between performance, availability, and cost, at multi-petabyte scale for enterprise storage.

Moshe Yanai
Founder Moshe Yanai
Headquarter Herzliya, Israel
U.S. Headquarter Waltham, MA
Founded 2011
Moshe Yanai Founder, Chief Technical Evangelist

Founder of INFINIDAT, Moshe Yanai, has leveraged three generations of storage development and experience to create the latest storage products.

More than 600 storage experts (formerly IBM and EMC) has united for product development.

Over 140 patent acquisitions (data protection, performance, scaling, automation, power saving, etc.)



Companies are faced with difficulties collecting, storing, and using data efficiently.

Not only it requires high costs for companies, legacy storage systems are not designed to handle large amounts of data.

To tackle these challenges, a team of the world’s best inventors and innovators from the industry were brought to INFINIDAT. By combining proven methods for reliability and integration with new approaches to improve performance and usability, INFINIDAT has created a team with strong technical foundation and a solution that incorporates the latest innovation.

The Infinidat team, spanning generations of storage industry experience and previous product successes, has become an industry leader by developing a better, faster way to store and protect multiple petabytes of data, with the highest possible availability, at the lowest possible cost. All of this work was done with a single goal in mind – enable customers to spend less on their infrastructure and focus more on innovation, growth, and competitive advantage.


INFINIDAT Milestones

Today, Infinidat has more than 140 patents, strong revenue growth, and an expanding team of technical professionals dedicated to the success of our customers in their efforts to innovate and grow.

Investors and customers have clearly embraced Infinidat’s approach to innovation. With corporate headquarters in Herzliya, Israel, and U.S. headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts, Infinidat has established a healthy business with consistent revenue growth. Infinidat’s investors include TPG Growth and Goldman Sachs, with the total investment to date totaling $325M, establishing a post-funding valuation of $1.6B. The global customer install base, covering a multitude of vertical industries including healthcare, financial services, and cloud service providers, is comprised of 6 exabytes of storage capacity as of Q4 2019.

INFINIDAT’s Global Footprint (6.3EB)

INFINIDAT Product Portfolio


Infinidat is the one storage vendor you can turn to for all your storage needs. We deliver enterprise-proven solutions for data storage, data protection, business continuity, and sovereign cloud storage. All of our solutions are based on the same fundamental technology foundation that provides high availability, high performance, and the lowest possible TCO at multi-petabyte scale.

INFINIDAT’s Core Technology

 Multi-Petabyte Scale Manage multiple petabytes of usable capacity in a single standard 42U rack, resolving data center footprint constraints. Achieve maximum effective capacity with in-line compression, thin provisioning, and deduplication, resulting in up to 20x effective capacity.

 High Availability and Reliability Count on our high availability and exceptional reliability at multi-petabyte scale thanks to our extraordinary RAS architecture and InfiniRAID® dual-parity data layout. Proactive data integrity analysis and fast, self-healing media rebuilds ensure your data is always ready when you are.

 Protection from Natural and Unnatural Disasters Benefit from easy-to-implement, comprehensive data protection. Assure the continuity of your business via integrated and expanded replication capabilities that redefine the industry standard for low latency, zero RPO, and ease-of-use.

 Freedom to Choose, Easy to Integrate Enjoy the benefits of a broad technology ecosystem with solutions that are certified across major applications, environments, and public cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, Commvault, Microsoft, Oracle, OpenStack, Veeam, VMware, SolarWinds, and more. Integration with existing implementations of private, public, or hybrid clouds is simple with the Host Power Tools toolkit.

 Simple to Manage Simplify day-to-day storage management and integration activities. All of the necessary management interfaces for the InfiniBox are built on our comprehensive RESTful API. An intuitive HTML5-based GUI makes complex tasks, like volume provisioning, setting up replication, or creating Quality of Service policies as easy as a few clicks of the mouse.

 Built for Multi-Tenant Environment Centralize all your tenants and their business-critical data on a single, scalable system. Support your tenants most demanding multi-workload SLOs using our flexible Quality of Service capabilities and real-time monitoring. Confidently deploy new services and applications with predictable performance.

INFINIDAT’s Capabilities